Basic Gardening Tools For A New Gardener

Starting a garden is as simple as getting your soil tilled. You can do this with a tiller which you can buy at gardening shops. However, you don’t only need one tiller to get started. You still need other gardening tools to successfully grow your first garden. These tools are essential especially if you are planning to make your garden the DIY way.

Here are the basic tools that you need to start your own garden at home:

  • Gloves

This gardening tool is perhaps the most basic thing that you need. This will protect your hands from any harmful materials or when you are using tills or hoes to dig your soil. This is very helpful especially if your hands are not used to working in the garden. This will protect your hand from forming blisters. Plus, your hands will be protected from any sharp objects that you may encounter in the yard.

  • Kneelers

Garden kneelers work like the gardening gloves, only for your knees. When weeding and removing unnecessary objects and plants in your yard, you will be putting a lot of stress on your knees. Garden Kneelers will protect your knees from such stress. You don’t have to necessary look for a special knee pad that you can put on, like the ones that athletes use. A simple Styrofoam will do. If you go to a gardening store, you can also buy kneeling mats or buy a kneeling apparel, which is a more convenient way of protecting your knees.

  • Shovel and Spade

A long handed shovel will be very helpful to you, especially when it’s already time for you to place a pile of debris into a wheelbarrow for disposal. In addition, you can use this shovel when distributing compost all over your garden, and when digging a new ground for planting. The spade can be used for digging out a problem weed. This will help get rid of the roots of the weed, which can grow back when not fully uprooted. You can also use your garden spade for planting new plants.

  • Rake

There are two types of rake that you can buy in a store – a leaf rake and a garden rake. However, for your DIY garden, you will need the garden rake. This till will help smooth and level the soil in your garden. This is also very helpful in keeping the soil in your garden loose and to keep weeds from growing. Garden rakes are also more sturdy than a leaf rake. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you can also ask the help of a store staff when buying one.

  • Cart

This can be very handy when it is time for you to haul away any debris that is not needed in your garden, or when you want to haul compost into your garden. This can be as simple as your kid’s coaster wagon or one that has shelves in it. You may also find carts that come with an attachment that can hold your tools when you are walking around your garden. If carts are not a thing for you, then you can opt for a three-wheeled wheelbarrow, which is also very handy around the garden.

  • Hoe

A hoe is very useful when you are tilling your soil or when you want to loosen the soil of your garden. If you want to make a row of loose soil in your garden, then a hoe is a more convenient way of doing it. Planting new seeds will be easier for you, especially if you already have an idea of where to plant the seeds. A hoe can help outline the places where your plants are supposed to be planted.

  • Hand Trowel

Once you have planted your buds or seedlings, a hand trowel will be of great help especially if you want to cultivate the soil around it. This is also helpful when pulling out weeds or when you want to aerate delicate plants or flowers without really harming them.

  • Shears

Shears are used to remove damaged plants or any area of the plant that can potentially harm other plants. This is also used to trim the plants to keep tidy and beautiful looking. You can also use shears to cut back perennials plants. If you want to harvest some flowering plants to make a bouquet for your home, then a shear is the best gardening tool to cut those flowers with ease.

  • Hose

Your plants will need water on a daily basis, and a garden hose will be able to help you do just that. You will also need this gardening tool to wash away any loose soil that has run to your driveway, sidewalk, or your paved garden path. Beyond watering your plants and cleaning your sidewalks, you will also need this when cleaning your gardening tools to keep them tidy and clean for the next time you will use them. Letting soil harden on the surface of your gardening tools could trigger erosion. Thus, keeping them clean is essential.

These are the most basic tools that you will need for your DIY garden. Once you have these tools at hand, you can then start working and realizing your dream garden.