Home Improvement

Home and Garden Improvement Ideas for Increased Curb Appeal


Your home’s outdoor area – including your porch and lawn – is the very first thing that people see before they enter your house. This is why many homeowners spend time and effort to make it look their best and ensure a good first impression. But giving your home great curb appeal does not have to be so expensive. Here are some easy and cheap ideas to inspire you.

  1. Glam up the front entrance of your home by painting it with a pretty color that coordinates with the rest of your house while giving enough contrast. If your house is decked in red, gray or black, paint your door red. You can also hang a wreath, add a house number, or put plants by its side.
  2. Cut the grass and get rid of the weeds in your lawn to give it a neat and professional look. If you want to green your lawn quickly, get green lawn spray paint and spray your lawn to give it the illusion of lush, green grass.
  3. A garden with groomed beds tells that the house is properly maintained. Weed it out and remove debris, and cover it with mulch. Also consider planting colorful annual flowers during summer and spring and red and orange flowers during fall.
  4. Put your garden hose nozzle to the highest setting and blast water on your sidewalks and driveway to get rid of dirt and debris. You can rent a power washer, although a simple garden hose can already do the job right.
  5. Store your garbage containers out of view. Also repair cracks on your driveway. You can do this on your own using the right kind and amount of sealant. Finally, put your car in your garage to give your outdoor space a much neater look.
  6. Make your windows sparkle by cleaning them from the inside and outside. Wash them by spraying a garden hose to get rid of debris and dirt, then sponging them with a water-vinegar mixture before rinsing them clean.
  7. Get rid of your outdated outdoor lights and get them updated. Make sure that you turn off the breaker in the electric panel before installing new lights. If you have limited budget, you can paint your old ones to give it a fresh new look.

Follow the tips above and you can enjoy a prettier house that will attract compliments from guests and even interested buyers in no time. If you want more tips on how to improve the curb appeal of your home, contact a reputable home and garden contractor in your area now.