Pool Renovation

Learn About Pool Fence Installations

pool-renovationIt’s summertime and this means there will be a lot of people in their pools, because taking a dip in a pool is one of the best ways to cool off and to spend time with friends and family. However, pools can be dangerous and so can the surrounding areas. For example, you have heard stories about how pets or kids have walked into the backyard when nobody else is there, and they end up falling in. This is why there are various laws that require pools to have fences around them.

There are laws that state that pools must be enclosed for safety reasons, which means you’ll want to have a fence installed around your pool. In New Jersey, general pool fences must be at least 48 inches above the ground level, and the spacing between the planks must not exceed 1¾ in width. This means that a child’s arm shouldn’t be able to get through the wooden fence, but the maximum space can be four inches, if the metal rails are 45 inches apart from each other. As for how large a mesh size for a chain link fence can be, the maximum is 1¼ inch square.

There are many materials you can use for your fence but most fences are made with aluminum. Some people choose to use other types of materials such as chain link, wrought iron and wood, but the easiest material to work with is aluminum. This is because aluminum doesn’t rust, which is not the case with wrought, and it doesn’t rot like wood.

Aluminum fences tend to not need as much maintenance as chain link fences. Also, when you install a fence, make sure you use the best materials because you want your property to be safe for everyone. This includes your family, friends and pets.

If you want to get a great fence, then get an aluminum fence in black because this will look great, and just because you’re required to have a pool fenced in doesn’t mean you have to make your landscape look unattractive. In fact, the right fence can enhance the beauty of your property but the most important thing is it will provide safety and protection. The bottom line is pool fences will protect people from entering the area and you’ll prevent potential accidents and your area will look better with the right type of fence. If you have a pool, then hire a professional to install a fence as soon as possible.