Simple Gardening Tips To Keep Your Gardens Free Of Weeds

garden weeding

Gardens are magical. They just don’t look nice, but they also add beauty to your home. In addition, it adds a different kind of atmosphere in the air. Having a garden at home must be one of the must-haves of all homeowners out there. However, no matter how pretty your roses may look, or how colorful the daisies are blooming in your garden, the presence of unsightly weeds will automatically make the mood of your garden sour. If you are a gardening enthusiast, proper weeding should be second nature to you. Yanking out the weeds does not really equate to a weed-free garden. Thus, following these simple tips may help keep weeds from ever growing back and destroying the beauty of your garden.


Weeding Regularly. The most basic thing that you can do to prevent weeds from growing in a height that is unsightly is to weed regularly. Of course, you should also know the perfect timing on when this is done. “Weed when wet, hoe when dry” can be applied to this principle. Weeding on a dry and sunny day will not be much help. You will end up yanking the weeds instead of pulling them from the roots. The best time to weed your garden would be when the soil is still wet. Once you have established the best time to weed your garden, you should stick to it.


Selective Cultivation. Weed seeds are everywhere. They lie underneath the soil just waiting for some sunlight to grow. The ones on top of the soil are the only ones that will and can grow. This means that you have to be careful when cultivating your garden. Instead of using a wide blade to cultivate the soil, it is recommended that you use a narrow blade. It is also advisable that you only dig and cultivate your soil when you really need to. And after cultivating, you should immediately cover the disturbed soil with mulching materials.


Spacing. Planting your seedlings close to each other will help keep weeds from growing. The closer they are the lesser space is left for the weeds to grow. Some plants may require large spaces in between for when they grow. However, you can still plant them closer to each other. They may not grow as bulky as they should be, but your garden will be safe from weeds by doing so. You can help your plants grow better by helping them grow upward, instead of sideward. This can be done by installing poles, trellis or fencing.


Mulching. This could be one of the oldest ways to keep weeds from ever growing in your garden. There are a lot of organic mulches that can be bought in gardening shops or home improvement stores. However, you can also make use of what you have in your house. Straw, wood chips, pine needles and other organic and readily available mulching materials can be used to protect your gardens from weeds. The mulch will keep the soil of your garden wet and moist, which is good for your plants. However, it also keeps the light from passing through under, which is how the weeds are prevented from growing.