Why Automated Garden Irrigation Makes Sense

basic-of-gardeningAren’t gardens grand? They provide a welcome respite from the sometimes bleak outlook of the urban landscape, giving us peace, tranquility, and a little slice of the healthy natural world. Gardens deserve diligent care in order to keep them thriving in potentially adverse conditions. This is why automatic irrigation is a great idea. Automatic irrigation systems are growing more popular all over the place, and as the necessary machinery becomes more popular, it’s also advanced in efficiency and reliability. Here’s what you need to know:

Basics Of Garden Irrigation

Although there is a range of different techniques for delivering water that can be incorporated into an irrigation system, there are two basic principles that are common to every design. First, the goal is to achieve maximum coverage with the system. You don’t want to leave behind any “blind spots” that require hand watering later! Balanced against this goal, though, is the value of simplicity. The less complex your irrigation system is, the easier it will be to maintain and the less likely it is to break down. The best systems strike an efficient compromise that delivers effective watering to every part of your garden without undue complexity.

Bonus Features In Great Automatic Irrigation Systems

Besides the different basic watering technologies that are available for garden irrigation, you also have a broad menu of useful extra equipment that can be incorporated into your system. Here are a few of the most helpful items:

* Rain / Humidity Sensor: A relatively simple electronic sensor will make your system capable of detecting precipitation. When attached to an automatic shutoff valve, a good rain sensor will make your system more efficient by conserving water when the natural world is doing an adequate job of watering your garden for you.

* Timer: This is almost (but not quite) a requirement for your irrigation system. It qualifies as extra equipment because not all timers are created equal. While you might have your entire system on a simple on/off timer, it’s also possible to subdivide your irrigation system and run different areas on different timers. This is great for caring for special plants that are especially thirsty.

* High-Efficiency Sprinklers: Not every irrigation system relies on conventional sprinkler heads, and once again there’s a range of capabilities available to those that do. If your primary concern in setting up an automated irrigation system is to minimize water usage in your garden, it’s an excellent idea to invest in the most efficient heads you can buy.

Although this is by no means a full roster of the features available for an automated garden irrigation system, it should give you a fertile core of ideas to play with as you start designing a system of your own. Seek out more in-depth information on the subject before you start making any purchases; it’s important to have a clear goal in mind when you build your own irrigation system!

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