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8 Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

In modern households, the kitchen does not only serve as a place where meals are prepared. It has expanded its function to becoming a place where families gather around. With this transition, your kitchen should be changed that it can also accommodate this function. But before you start breaking walls down, here are the things that you need to consider:

  • Kitchen Surface Area. Before you start buying new pieces for your kitchen, you have to make sure that your kitchen can accommodate all of the new appliances that you want to buy. If you don’t have a lot of space in between cupboards, you can consider having a kitchen island installed. This will be able to hold more appliances in your kitchen. In addition, it could be a good place to eat meals and just hang around.
  • Efficient Layout. When the need arises, you can change the layout and overall look of your kitchen so that it will be more efficient to be in. You can start by placing your cereals and other breakfast foods near your breakfast tools and utensils. Your most used plates and dishes should also be placed near your dishwasher or sink for easy unloading. Remember how you usually use your kitchen on a daily basis as this will guide you what kitchen stuff should be near where.
  • Design Your Cabinets Well. Having a well-designed cabinet is very helpful, especially if you have limited space in your kitchen. Painting the fronts of your cabinets with light color will help make your kitchen look bigger. If you prefer something that is dark, stay close to opaque. This will allow more light in the kitchen, which will help make your kitchen space look bigger.
  • Gathering Area. The kitchen is probably the one area in the house that all family members gather around to chat and hang out. With this in mind, you can make your kitchen as the gathering area and communication hub in your house. This will keep you up-to-date of the happenings around your house and your family member. To help this realize, you can install a dry erase board and a space for doing homework and checking mails. To help things be organized, you can use envelope holders, hooks, and bins.
  • Extra Electrical Outlet. Adding an electrical outlet in your kitchen would be very handy, especially now that gadgets can easily be bought at a low price. Having an extra electrical outlet will help accommodate the growing population of gadgets in your house. This can be placed in areas where you usually use a lot of electrical appliances. You can also place this additional electrical outlet near the food prep area where you usually plug an appliance to help prepare a meal.
  • Easy-to-clean-Furniture. It would be a great convenience for you if you have appliances and furniture that is easy to clean. This will make things more efficient in your kitchen, especially in days where it is heavily used (e.g. birthdays and other family gatherings). Consider adding wire racks, glass refrigerator shelves, and other equipment that are easy to maintain and use. The color of these new appliances and furniture will also play a big role when it comes to cleaning. Choose appliances and furniture that are light colored or ones with matte finishes. They are easier to clean than the ones that are glossy.
  • Child-proof. If you still have small children, it is best to keep your kitchen child-proof and child-friendly. Make sure that stoves and kitchen knives are stored in their specific drawers that away from children’s reach. Plus, you have to make sure that all your cleaning materials are stowed away or well-hidden. Children can be very unpredictable and playful at times that they won’t bother asking anyone if what they are using and playing with is dangerous or not. So, keep things safe around the kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a taxing job as it requires a lot of planning. You just have to remember the things mentioned here to help you out and remember to focus on function rather than how flashy your kitchen would look like with fancy appliances in it.