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How To Maximize The Space Of Your Small Bedroom

Having a small room does not really give you much in terms of luxury and style. However, thinking this way is wrong. You actually have different options to choose from when it comes to making the best out of your small bedroom. It may be small in size, but it can be big in style.

Here are some ideas:

  • Keep it light and bright. To make your bedroom look a little less busy, it is recommended that you choose the color white for anything that you want to put inside your bedroom. The color white is not only neutral, but it makes your space not look boxed in. Furthermore, the color white, and other neutral colors, brightens up your space. It compensates the absence of a big window and the absence of a large wall space.
  • Place your bed in the corner. Big bedrooms will allow you to put your bed in the middle of the room. On the other hand, a small bedroom will now allow you to do this. To make the most out of your bedroom, you can place your bed against the wall. This will give you a cozier feel of your bedroom. To make it even cozier, you can add a headboard corner system to give your room a more refined finish.
  • Keep it small. Avoid buying a bulky bed frame as every inch of your bedroom counts. Opt for a simple bed without the footboard bed frame. You can replace it with a modern headboard to give your room a modern look. In addition, you can use a Hollywood-style frame that will support the bottom of your bed. The frame should not exceed the perimeter of your mattress. To make your room look livelier, you can add art above your bed.
  • Be a minimalist. Keep bedroom accessories and furniture to the minimum. The purpose of having a bedroom is to have a space to sleep. Thus, keeping a nice bed a one bedside table is okay. To add storage, you can use built-in storage space. This will maximize the size of your room without really sacrificing bedroom space.
  • Use mirrors. To make your room appear larger, you can install mirrors. You can place the mirror in near your window so it can reflect the light from it. This will further illuminate your room. You can use a full body mirror to achieve this. You don’t even have to mount the mirror on the wall. Just place it against the wall and you will achieve the same result.
  • Practice vertical living. If your room has a high ceiling, then it is time for you to practice vertical living. You can install a loft in your bedroom providing a workspace underneath your bed. If you don’t mind climbing up your bed whenever you feel like sleeping, then this arrangement is for you.
  • Add a wallpaper. To make your room look more lively, you can add a wallpaper to it. Use a wallpaper with bold designs and patterns. Make sure that the pattern is also large-scale. Don’t choose a wallpaper that looks busy. When ready, use this wallpaper as the focal point of your room. You can install this wallpaper on your headboard wall.
  • Floating shelves. To make your room look functional, you can install floating shelves in it. A floating shelf can be used as a bookcase. It can also be used as a nightstand replacement, a laptop desk, an entry table next to your door, and a place to hold your collections.

There certainly are many ways to maximize the space of a small bedroom. You just have to be creative and be imaginative to achieve this.